Premium wildlife in the heart of South Africa

The members of Kroon Stud Game have all been breeding rare game for the past four to ten years. (2010) Some of the families have been farming in this area for generations, some for longer than hundred years. The genetic potential utilized in the breeding herds, used by the group, was obtained only from reputable sources like Shambala, Dries Visser, Wintershoek, Kwanare, Thaba Tholo, Elandsdrift (Bill Venter), Tembani, Scholtz Brothers, Madikwe, Tswhalo and also from different game parks in South Africa.

This bears evidence of the excellence of the breeding material already represented in the herds. Apart from being business partners, friendship is also a strong bond within the group. The families of some members have been close for generations. Both new and old friendships are based on mutual respect, integrity and the aim to breed top quality animals.

It is acknowledged that the Northern Free State, with its cold winters and sweet veldt grazing has become an important player in the wildlife industry. The members of the group have the goal to establish a Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA) study group in the area. The WRSA Northern Free State chamber was established in 2012. The chamber was awarded the coveted trophy “Chamber of the Year” at the WRSA 2014 award ceremony. The Kroon Stud Group support WRSA association. The members adhere to high ethical and moral standards in their farming and business.

The Free State heartland of central South Africa is a premium area for game farming. The central location of this area facilitates the distribution of game to any part of the country Animals from this area are sought after, as the area is relatively disease-free, e.g. the absence of the brown ear tick that causes Corridor disease. 

The animals are tame and this greatly simplifies daily monitoring and herd management. The terrain is very accessible. Supplementary feeding presents no problem as both maize and lucerne are widely produced in the area. It is a well recognized fact that a balanced feeding program not only improves the immunity of the animals, but also enhances reproduction and milk production, resulting in healthier calves with a better growth curve.

We realized from the onset, that currently, one of the developing trends in the South African wildlife industry is the formation of groups. Similar groups dominate the game auction calendar annually. Some of the advantages of the group structure are: The ability to annually have available sufficient numbers of quality game in a sustainable manner. Economy of scale in marketing and auctioneering. Close proximity of the Kroon Stud Game Group members to each other facilitates potential buyers to visit farms of some, if not all, the sellers in one day.

The inaugural meeting of Kroon Stud Game Group took place on 12 January 2011. The group consist of highly respected and well known people in the farming community. The members of the group are committed to conduct their individual and group activities with the highest ethical and moral values.

Soetvelde farms joined the Kroon Stud Game Group as the seventh member in October 2013.

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