Crous Broers

The Crous Brothers Kobus, David and Riaan Crous began breeding rare game in
2002. Pure Zambian and Matetsi sable were obtained from Thabo Tholo and Dries
Visser. The animals were released in 40 to 300 hectare camps in semi-intensive conditions.

Required supplementary feed and minerals are given to ensure optimal reproduction and horn growth.

A breeding group of pure Zambian sable produce breeding bulls from of the Thaba Tholo Nike bloodline.

In recent years only the best breeding material have been selected. Zambian bulls with exceptional horn length and circumference, with large frames were
paired with Matetsi female animals. After many years of careful election, Crous Broers female sable are of outstanding quality.

Breeding bulls are rotated amongst the camps every three years to prevent crossbreeding. Through selection and management, sable bulls
with horn lengths of 45″ at age 4.2 years have been bred. Their outstanding horn length and frame size can be attributed to the quality of the animals as well as a crossbreeding effect. The horn lengths of cows are up to 35 1/4″.

In recent years Crous Broers game farming has been diversified and extended to other species such as nyala, disease free Addo buffalo, roan, lechwe, rhinoceros, lion and golden wildebeest. The Crous Broers roan breeding bull Moena has 35″ horns. Some sable breeding bulls reassure 50″+.

All animals are adapted to cold weather. Winters as cold as -12 °C have been recorded (normally -5 °C) . Successful animal relocations have been executed in
Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and North West, all with very few losses or adaptation problems.

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