Johann Beneke is the Managing Director of Upward Spiral 2 (Pty) Ltd, trading as Rooihoogte. Johann runs a dental practice in Kroonstad which he began in 1984. The farming business at Rooihoogte has been run and managed by  Johann since 2004.

Johann, together with Danie Minnaar of Syncerus Buffels were the initiators of the Kroon Stud Wild group. The first six successful KSW auctions were held on the farm Rooihoogte. The 2018 KSW auction will be seventh annual auction, the venue has changed to the Afridome in Parys.

The decision was made in 2005 to breed with the following rare game species: Cape buffalo, Sable antelope, Black Impala and Copper Springbuck. In 2013 a saddleback impala project was initiated and the Nyala component of the farming was switched to a camp system and a 31” Nyala bull “Umkhonto” was purchased from Thaba Tholo.  Towards the end of 2012 the decision was made to have all the breeding stock DNA analysed.  We want to give all potential buyers the assurance of DNA proven genetics. Our herds are run on a single sire basis; this ensures that we are in control of the genetics.  This practice allows us to monitor parentage and to breed to predetermined goals.

Our goal is to breed exceptional animals.  At Rooihoogte our herd consist of animals from the following bloodlines:  Kruger (Low veld), East African/Addo from Wintershoek Safari’s (Madikwe) and Thaba Tholo, East African from Kwanare, Elandsdrift (Bill Venter), these buffalo originates from Uganda and Kenya, and Ethabeni. Bulls originating from Kwanare and Wintershoek (Madikwe) are used as sire bulls. We believe that the best attributes of the different bloodlines must be combined to breed the ultimate buffalo. In 2012 the exceptional Wintershoek (Madikwe line) bred bull, Timo was introduced to the herd. In 2017 the Kwanare bred bull B1, son of the legendary 44” Aprilkoei, was introduced as breeding bull.

We love buffalo, the aura they have and the sheer magnitude of their presence. We believe that Buffalo still represent the pinnacle of game farming in South Africa.

The original breeding stock was obtained from Kwanare.  Breeding bulls were rotated using Kwanare, Thabo Tholo, Tembani, Sable Ranch  and Crous broers bloodlines. Currently we use a 92% nDNA Zambian bull in one herd, he measures 47¼”. A second herd of Sable has a 90% nDNA Southern Cross bull, Green 11-6 as sire.

An exceptional Saddleback ram was bought from Chikwala boerdery.
A breeding group of Black Impala was obtained from Kwanare. Rooihoogte has well-established Black and Saddleback Impala breeding projects.

The original breeding herd of ewes were selected from the best available large frame Kalahari stock.  The initial breeding rams originated from Riatra boerdery. Rooihoogte is an established producer of high quality Copper Springbuck.

The best possible genetics was purchased from Tembani, Thaba Tholo and the Crous Broers.  Prodigy of the exceptional 31” bull “Umkhonto” and 29 ½’ Savannah are the base ewes of our herd.

Rooihoogte is an established producer of exceptional  30+” Lechwesrams. Several Mountain reedbuck rams in the 7 3/4+” has been produced.

Rooihoogte Wild’s Mini Auction Catalogue 2018